Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sam's #8 Birthday at Bear Lake

Sam was lucky enough to be at Bear Lake to celebrate his birthday this year.  He got to go out on the lake for a few hours then come back to the Bear Lake House for a birthday party!!  Sam, Alex and Matt are on the tube, Thursday, July 7, 2012.

Alex and Matt

Sam, Ada, Daniel
Matt and Alex chillin on the boat.
Matt knee boarding
Sam.  What a cute 8 year old.
Alex trying to knee board
Sam's birthday cake.  (they are supposed to be Minions from "Dispicable Me")
Daniel holding Casiya, Bella, Ashlee, Sam, Elizabeth , Rachel, Kambry
Sam blowing out his candles

I sure hope you had a great birthday Sam.  It was a fun day with cousins, the lake, cake, ice cream, and presents! 

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Trev & Steph said...

Love the update and cute pictures! Happy Birthday Sam!